France Wins Russia 2018 FIFA World Cup


It sure was an exciting FIFA World cup tournament and after a month since it began, it finally has met its end, with Western European country, France emerging as the winner of the tournament.

France went head on with fellow European country, Croatia who fought their way through from the group stage to the finals and ended the game in a 4-2 win against Croatia.

France had an early lead at the 18th minute of the game, when Mandzukic made an own goal and then Croatia made sure to equalize ten minutes later.

A tough France were awarded a penalty which was taken by Antoine Griezmann at the 39th minute which put them on the lead again, till the end of the first half – France put on quite a show at the finals when they put the ball at the back of the net yet again at the 65th minute, giving them a 4-1 lead.

Winning the 2018 World Cup now moves them to the league of countries like Uruguay and Argentina, who have won the title twice.

Hearty cheers to them!


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